We are an online food company, we do not have a physical store and we offer deliveries within Lagos only. However, we work from our kitchen in Lekki-Ajah, Lagos.

We are open 8am – 6pm Mondays to Saturdays. We take inquiries on our platforms only within these times.

Our deliveries are done between 8.30am and 10am to the Island and before 11am to the Mainland. Delivery could be earlier sometimes and at other times, may take a while longer due to traffic, weather or unforeseen conditions. We are unable to offer compensation for late deliveries. However, rest assured that we aim to deliver early always.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice on all orders and 72 hours for custom orders. Please note, we get fully booked sometimes and this timeline might not apply every time.

Yes, please use the chat button or send an email so we can avail you the cost for your custom order. 

Please refer to our Cancellation policy in Terms and conditions.

No, it doesn’t. However, it may still be warm. To ensure freshness and prevent food spoilage, we use air-conditioned cars to transport the breakfast trays. Meals should be consumed immediately, otherwise be sure to refrigerate.

Our food trays are fragile and as such are delivered with cars. Also, we don’t have a fleet of cars so we partner with Uber drivers.

No, we don’t have a physical location and as such offer only deliveries.

No, we don’t serve pork products.  

Unfortunately, we don’t. You can arrange for a saxophonist or violinist if you please, and we’ll arrange on meeting at the location of delivery.

They are packed and delivered as seen in pictures above.

Yes, we do.  Please note, we get fully booked sometimes and this might not apply.

Yes, our meals are completely halal.

No, all the serve ware are yours to keep. They also serve as great keepsakes and a reminder of your special day.

Yes, they are. We use great quality serve ware.

Delivery fees apply on all orders and are dependent on the location of delivery.

Sure, we can do that at no extra cost. Kindly include your message in the order notes section specifying the message for the note. Please keep it brief. If you’d like to add a card to your order, then your message will be written in the card.

Please note that we don’t stock balloons nor cards. We buy from vendors and have them delivered to us. The balloons are also filled with helium gas which are expensive plus the balloons are the best of U.K brands of balloons.

Unfortunately, we are unable to promise specific delivery times as factors such as weather, traffic, e.t.c are beyond our control. However, we will endeavour to deliver as stipulated above. Also, be sure to keep your phone close and provide adequate contact details of the recipient and full delivery address in order to avoid delayed deliveries by unreachable recipients.